Building Automation Graphics

Complete 2D & 3D animated plant graphics pre-installed to the BMS controls designed specifically for the site application, allowing for quick and easy inspection of the plant.

The graphical representation of the plant can be viewed in 'real time' from either the display on the front of the control panel, a PC on the local site network or remotely on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

A reporting function is also available within the BMS, that (if required) will send a daily - monthly report of the associated equipment to facility managers / operators, detailing the performance & status of the plant.

If any alarms are detected, the BMS has the ability to directly contact selected staff / managers via email or SMS notifying them of the alarm & severity. The alarms will remain on the BMS until they are cleared by the relevant user. This helps to create an audit trail of alarms for review by site managers and highlights any potential issues.